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Workout 1: Functional conditioning

4.8|45 min|24 comments
Warm-up: - Running 3-5 minutes (treadmill, on the spot, or outside) - Banded around the worlds x 10 ... more


Matt 4d ago
Absolutely loved it! Difficult and my wall assisted handstand was more horizontal than vertical! But we all start somewhere!
Hayden 10d ago
This was a great workout! very challenging! I had some trouble with the v ups hurting my lower back how can I make sure I’m using the right form? Or modifications I can make?
Gabriel 19d ago
Pretty intense, I love this routines
Tameka 1mo ago
Extremely challenging! I'm just getting back into working out and this was a great reintroduction!
Lisallanes34 3mo ago
Under the impression that it was too short but good abs session !

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