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Phase 1 - Back Walkover Progression

4.9|45 min|6 comments
Warm up: • Theraband internal and external rotations 1 x 20 sec. • Shoulder circles 1 x 10... more


Stacey 2mo ago
Trying to get an old skill back, this should help massively 😊
Laurie 4mo ago
Goal is to get a back walkover. So this is a start… and a great start I must say!
Frederike 8mo ago
That felt great. Is the glute bridge really supposed to be just 2 reps per set? I'm also curious how to know when to continue to next progression. I already know how to do a back walkover I just want them to look better and be able to try more variations.
Lauren 8mo ago
Hiii. What if I can’t extend my arms in the bridge? Lol like I can’t even hold a bridge.
Stephanie 9mo ago
Need to work more on these progressions! I love them they will help me improve 💯❤️

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