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Izzi Princess of the UnicornsIzzi Princess of the Unicorns
/4 week GYM programe ✨

W1/D2 - Glutes + hamstrings + abs

5.0|60 min|2 comments
Our first leg day of the 4 week programme. We focus on glutes and hamstrings- This workout is no joke! Make sure to go slow on those step ups. If you don’t have a swiss ball for the curls you can use a hamstring curl machine.... more


JessieGymCat 1y ago
Loved this for my first gym workout with Izzy. I usually find it hard to know what to do at the gym and feel self conscious, this workout made me feel focused and my glutes are fire 🔥
Cat 2y ago
This was so good! Will be adding this one to my weekly routine 🥳

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