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Follow my workouts
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About me

Aesthetic Physique Trainer

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Elika Bang is an island boy from Oahu, Hawaii who found his sunshine through fitness at his darkest times. He’s not a power lifter or a bodybuilder; Just a dude who love the sport. He chases for aesthetic physique while building strength, endurance, and speed. He loves to stay active and keep his blood flowing. When he’s not at the gym, you can find him at the beach. He loves to surf, sail, free dive, spear fish/fish, wakeboard, pretty much all the water sports.


His goal(s) to you guys: • make you guys say, “I can’t wait till I train!” “I’m excited to get back at it tomorrow!”- Make training fun as possible! • fall in love with the sport, not something you feel like you have to do. • lifetime routine- help you guys to build a habit of living healthy not just short term but in a longer term. • achieving your dream physique- I will be right there to guide you through your journey. *** WITH YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION, ANYTHING IN LIFE IS POSSIBLE

Training Requirements

At gym programs: the gym, your pretty face, and hard work. At home programs: a pair of dumbbells, yoga mats (optional), your pretty face, and hard work. *** Always make sure to drink your H2O!!


6+ years of training. 2-3 hours of training, 7-8 mile run every other day, eat healthy, sleep atleast 9 hours and repeat. He found his way to share his passion through social media (Tiktok and Instagram) and helped millions of people to stay active, fit, and even getting their new journey started beginning of COVID-19 with his at home workouts / high intensity interval training. He has a portfolio of disruptor brands in the wellness catergory such as Gymshark, EHPLabs, and Tonifyplus.

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