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Pillar 4: Drills

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Pillar 4: Drills This is the fun part! Einstein said, “play is the highest form of research”. In yoga & fitness, it is necessary to have discipline, however it is as equally as important to enjoy the journey. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?! These drills are intended to be practiced over & over again. With dedication, these drills will become a part of your everyday routine. Handstand is a journey, & it’s a practice. You will begin to invert in this pillar. Use these drills consistently to build upon your handstand goals.


Michelle 4mo ago
Love this!!
Amy 5mo ago
Loved this for rest day!
Marion 1y ago
Love this!!! Im so excited!
Kari 1y ago
I’m a yoga instructor and these are awesome drills. Thank you both!
Regina 1y ago
You're super good at the Crow's Nest position

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