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Journey to Handstand Intro

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There is SO much more that goes into a handstand than simply balancing upside down. It takes focus, control, awareness, safety & a strong mind & body. This course is called “Journey to Handstand” because we teach you the steps & the real journey towards defying gravity & feeling comfortable & confident while doing so. I teamed up with my dear friend, Dawn, to create this course. Not only is she a handstand expert, but she has a true gift for teaching & sharing her knowledge with others. I was absolutely honored when she agreed to build this program with me, for you all. Our goal is for you to have FUN & to take this course at your own pace. We have drills & lessons for all levels & we welcome everyone. Thank you for being here. We are so excited to get started! I want to make it known that Dawn & I are teaching how to do a yoga handstand, not a CrossFit or gymnastics handstand. We are really diving into the mind, body, soul connection & you will find that this program is about much more than just balancing upside down. You will see 5 pillars & 3 follow along classes. Please watch the pillar videos, where Dawn & I explain what you can expect to see & prepare you for your handstand practice. These pillars will also teach you how to practice on our own if you don’t wish to always do the 3 follow along classes that we have created for you. Please tag us in your Journey to handstand. We can’t wait to see you fly! ✨ @clairepthomas @ddmagica


Alexis 4mo ago
Michelle 4mo ago
Lauren 5mo ago
Love the intro and how informative you are!
Abbie 5mo ago
Handstands are something I’ve had on my wishlist for years. Stoked for this progressive tutorial!
Georgina 5mo ago
I can’t wait to dive in!!! Thank you so much for this🫶

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