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Visualization FTW!!

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Athletic Performance
In the world of sports psychology, there is a technique for unlocking your true potential. It’s called Visualization. It may sound easy, but become a master of this technique takes time and practice. In this class I walk yo... more


David 3mo ago
It was very inspirational. Thank you!
Chrissy 7mo ago
This is amazing! Definitely going to start using visualization more in every part of life.
Imran 9mo ago
This is what I needed thank you
Brandon 10mo ago
Really good honestly catch my self doing it sometimes but never visualize the whole race, I get butterflies thinking about the victory and how good it feels
Jonah 10mo ago
I definitely used to start going into races with a more negative mindset, and especially cross country season only thinking about just “getting it over with”. Definitely will try this when the season comes around :)

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