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Summer Shred Day 11

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Hez 6mo ago
Working out at home, I didn’t have access to the required equipment for the first few - but that’s where it gets fun and creative to find alternatives. I did the windshield wipers on the floor with a 15lb dumbbell, subbed the plate push/sled for 10 min of jump rope, and did the leg raises on the floor. No excuses, let’s get it!
Ash 8mo ago
I like all the varied ways to hit the upper & lower abs & obliques. Feeling the improvement in core strength and it's actually really helping me with my other workouts (DB Fighter and Photo Challenge). Thanks so much!
Aoife 9mo ago
Core alongside the 5 week programme. Lit. Hope I’m still in with a chance of winning the prizes , Iv given up social media for my mental health, hope that doesn’t rule me out. Anways love the is programming man, life changing innit
Maddie 1y ago
It sucks not having all the equipment so I just pretended like I knew what I was doing okay and just made a workout up? I did the 4 landmines. The 2nd set I did 30 second planks 4x 3rd set I did 5 lb in each hand crunches 20x, 15 lying leg ligs and 30 second hollow rock holds - all of that 4x. I'm not sure if that's even enough, so if I still feel unsure I'm just going to do it again tonight before bed to make sure I'm putting the work in.

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