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About me

I turn you into a new age spartan.

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What’s up, I’m Mason 🤙 I’ve been involved in fitness my entire life. I was bear crawling before I could walk. I wrestled and played football for 10+ years, eventually going on to play D1 college football as a running back. Once I left the sport, I found myself questioning who I was and what I was passionate about. I realized that it was right in front of my face. I started taking fitness extremely seriously, and when people started asking me how to get results I realized I had found my purpose. I have made transformations that most people think are impossible, I have helped others do the same, and this is because I put a huge emphasis on mindset development and subconscious rewiring. My lifestyle is very holistic and clean, and I believe that everything we need to succeed is already within us. I use fitness as a gateway to SELF TRANSCENDENCE. This means, becoming more than what we thought we were. Destroying the limits of our perception. Self transcendence is the missing feeling all of us crave in our lives. It’s the moment you lose sense of self and feel connected to a greater purpose. By pushing myself and others to the limit by way of fitness and overall wellness, I am working to create a world where the possibilities are limitless. When you believe you can achieve something, it makes the process and journey 100x easier. My goal is to help you push your limits and take you to new levels of confidence, mental strength, self belief, aesthetics, strength, and swagger. Welcome to the legion 💪


My programs will help you increase strength, confidence, testosterone, mobility, mindset, performance, aesthetics, and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. I enjoy creating new challenges for people to attempt, as this gives you a new perspective on what you can do. I post new challenges every month along side my workout programs designed to help you transform efficiently and effectively. I also will help you with mental rewiring and diet.

Training Requirements

My workouts require different equipment depending on each one. A gym membership is ideal, or any lifting equipment you have, but I also have workouts for bodyweight only. Just approach with a committed mindset to your personal growth!


Entrepreneur, Ex D1 College Runningback, have given speeches in front of NFL greats such as AJ Hawk and many others, social media influencer, train many high end CEOs and celebs, guy that will turn you into the best version of yourself.

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