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About me

Rolfer - Fascial Yoga - Somatic opening

PerformanceMobilityFunctionalRecoveryFull BodyYogaStretching

Hi human!!! I’m Kayla from Colorado’s great outdoors. I came to Denver for great vegan food - the dance classes and it’s close enough to snowboard each week. I became a Rolfer, reflexologist, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, movement specialist because I was interested in why I had flat feet and a crooked head with minimal back pain. How could this change through soft tissue manipulation and functional movement? I found arches in my feet and better posture through the Rolfing 10 series and movement therapy. Helping family and friends was successful, so I took it further. I have had my private practice open for 6yrs supporting my clients through Rolfing and integrative movement. So I worked up to offering what I offer my clients to you! I can’t wait to sense sensation with you!


As a movement therapist, it’s my job to correct the poor posture and poor Movement habits that underline my clients complaints and symptoms. This profile you’re holding in your hands is my attempt to show you what I want to show my clients: The relationship between your posture, your pain, your habits of movement, and your aging process. Building and fostering rest, repair, and health.

Training Requirements

Comfy clothes Blanket Tennis balls 🎾 or smaller ball Resistance band Pillow Chair 🪑


✨Certified Rolfer ☀️Certified 500 Yoga teacher taught for 10yrs, workshops each month. 🕸Fascial Yoga creator 💫Certified Reiki Master 🌱Nutritional Coach 🦋 (Bars) Access Consciousness Actively participate in trainings for Rolfing each year. Zoom training for nutrition weekly. We are what we eat. My goal in 2020 is to complete my Rolf Movement certificate and create amazing content for you!!

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