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Jules ShawJules Shaw
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W1/D2 Wednesday - Upper Body

5.0|45 min
Upper Body
All Levels
Today we have our first upper body workout lined up, so have fun with it! We have a drop set in today's workout. This means that you choose a weight and perform the exercise until failure. Then you perform another set of the same exercise until failure, but with a LIGHTER weight. I have written the recommended target number of reps, but it is OK if you do not hit those numbers. Just make sure you're going to exhaustion without compromising your form. Warm up with 5-10 mins of steady state cardio on the bike, rower, or running. Complete the Upper Body 1.0 warm-up in the Warm-up & Activation collection. If you only have access to lighter DBs, you may want to add reps to challenge yourself. If you only have access to heavier DBs, you may want to decrease reps so that you can complete the workout. Otherwise, choose weights that will allow you to follow the sets and reps as indicated while challenging yourself. Equipment required: dumbbells, large resistance band

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