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Lower body (booty) + core 25 minute follow along workout

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Booty burn and core killer! All at the same time 🥵 Aprox 25 minutes long (includes warm up + cool down) You’ll need a mat, a pair of dumbells + for one of the exercises you’ll need a chair - but you can use a couch, bed. Dep... more


Johanna 1y ago
Love this so much that I am doing it the 3rd time 😍 Wish there would be more like these! They are perfect and remind me of the time when we trained with you during the pandemic!(really helped me so much). 🎉💙
JessieGymCat 1y ago
Yas!! 🔥🔥🔥 loved the ab round:. Thank you x
Johanna 1y ago
Love the shorter ones before work! Thanks izzi
Kara 2y ago
I was already sweating doing the warm-up 😅 Loved the reverse kick back with leg lift. And those toe touches, they’re a killer ☠️
Johanna 2y ago
So glad I have your app now! Your work outs are the best. Perfect lenght perfect effort. Cant wait for more ✌️

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