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Follow my workouts
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About me

Basketball Training & Recovery


Global Squad is the premiere basketball program for international student-athletes seeking exposure and American style training. Over our 11 year history, we have helped 300+ athletes from 60+ countries reach the college and professional levels both in the US and abroad. We run roughly 20+ international and domestic camps and coaches clinics each year that include our proven shooting technique, elite ball handling drills, attacking strategies, and reliable recovery/mobility movements. Now, with the help of our new Playbook app, we are able to give these drills and workouts to you on a daily basis! Each month will have a new primary concentration and each daily workout will consist of one of the following focuses: - Shooting - Ball Handling - Attacking in the Half Court - Attacking in the Full Court - Recovery - Conditioning - Test Day (at the end of each month) Global Squad strives to help student-athletes around the world dream big and work hard. This program will help us deliver some of the best training and insights to our worldwide network of athletes looking to reach the next level of their game. We are excited for you to join us and we can't wait to see your results!


Our goal with this training program is to help you become an all around better basketball player and join our family of global hoopers all looking to improve their game. After training with us for a few months, you will see noticeable improvements in your shooting, have more confidence in your ball handling and attacking, acquire smarter recovery techniques, and build that competitive edge. Dreaming big doesn't really mean much unless you're willing to work hard. Prove it to yourself here!

Training Requirements

The Global Squad training program requires you to have access to a basketball at the very least. There are workouts in our program that require other equipment such as a hoop, cones, and a foam roller, but quite a lot of our daily workouts can be done in an open space with just a basketball. Get creative with it! If we are demonstrating a cone drill and you can find some water bottles lying around the house, use those! We can also recommend great foam rollers that can be purchased online.


The coaches and trainers that you see in our videos have quite the resumes and are some of the best and brightest in the business. Some are NCAA record holders, some are USA Gold Certified, and others have decades of experience coaching, recruiting, and training athletes around the world. Please reach out at any time if you would like to get in contact with one of our talented coaches!

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