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Crystal ReneeCrystal Renee
/6 week DB Program

W1/D5 Back & Chest

4.4|45 min|3 comments
Abs & Core
Upper Body
Lose Weight
This one is a burner! Get it done quick to burn fat and build muscle!! Leave a comment below on how much you loved this one 💪🏼


Jenise 3mo ago
Definitely had to modify the flutter kicks but loved the work out!
Lisa 4mo ago
I gotta be honest- this one wasn’t my fav. 5 rounds per set is soo much- I just got kind of bored. And it took a ton of time so even cutting out the abs I hit the 40 minute mark and wasn’t even done with the fourth set. Also I felt like it was heavier on chest than back? Sorrryyyy don’t hate me 😉
Lana 4mo ago
This one was great! I had a hard time with the v-ups but that was pretty much it. And I did higher weight and I’m telling good and shakey!

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