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About me

Undefeated Professional Boxer & Model

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I started boxing 9 years ago when I broke my foot in Muay Thai (kickboxing) training and it was basically my only option to be active. I was 25. I couldn’t run, jump, nothing. I never fought or even had any interest in fighting Muay Thai, I just loved to hit and kick the sh*t out of things. But when I started boxing, I learnt more about defense, movement and the chess game. That’s when I fell in love with the sport and decided I needed to fight to test myself. I was pretty terrible haha, but I guess I wanted it more than the other girl, and I won! There, my addiction began. I soon realized that just “wanting it more” wasn’t always going to win me fights, and put every spare minute into drilling technique and perfecting the art. Because I was constantly learning, engaged and having fun, the time would fly by before I could realize how exhausted I was… and that was how I ended up in the best shape of my life. And if I wasn’t training, sparring, or fighting, I was teaching boxing to all my clients in the gym that I co-owned in Australia, who were excited by my journey and now also becoming addicted. Watching their confidence grow as they learnt a skill they never thought that THEY could do, that only the most bad ass humans on the planet would be capable of… that was such a reward for me and why I love coaching so much! At 28 I had an opportunity to move to USA for modeling, so I packed up my life and headed across the pond… as a model on paper, but really because I wanted to see how far I could go if I took boxing seriously, and USA is the melting pot of the top boxing athletes from all over the world and the best place to be exposed to such a variety of styles. Even though I hadn’t started until very late in life, I never had any doubt that I could go far in this sport. I'm so excited to create my own app and share my passion with everyone, I'm so glad you're here and can't wait to see your progress!


People always ask me how to get shredded, and my answer is to stop focussing on that and get involved in an activity thats so fun you WANT to do it everyday for an endless amount of time, because your body is a reflection of your lifestyle… and there’s nothing better than boxing!! My workouts will send your fitness through the roof while helping you shred fat, build lean muscle, be more agile and explosive while learning good boxing technique, skills and self defense to boost your confidence.

Training Requirements

Access to a boxing gym with a jump rope, heavy bag, round bag, double end bag and speed bag is ideal, but if you don’t have all these things don’t worry - we can improvise! For the strength and conditioning workouts, access to a gym is ideal, but at minimum you’ll need a jump rope, dumbbells, resistance bands, a pull-up bar, a box or step to jump on and either a treadmill, running track or open space to run.


After 20 amateur fights, I turned pro a few years ago, and am now undefeated in 8 professional fights, my most recent being in Dubai and streamed internationally on Pay-Per-View! Undefeated professional boxer (8 fights) 🥊 Former Gym Owner and Personal Trainer (for 8 years before I left Australia) Cert 3&4 in Fitness (AUS) Former Miss Swimsuit USA International 👑 Jiu Jitsu super white belt 1 stripe 😜😂

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