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  • Traditional Yoga – a therapy for all the layers of the self
  • Videos for asana sequences, breath work, meditation, tutorials, and more!
  • New content added weekly

7 week Chakra series

    • Explanations about each chakra and self-practice guidelines
    • Short and long asana practices
    • Chakra focused pranayama (breath management techniques)
    • Chakra focused meditations

Yoga for Everyone – Find Balance Anywhere, Anytime
My goal is for you find your own daily practice, anywhere.

Chakra series
Chakra series
  • Progression
  • 7 weeks, 5 days per week
  • Meditation, Yoga
  • All Levels
Beginners corner
Beginners corner
  • Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle
  • Beginner
Below 20min
Below 20min
  • Yoga, Mobility
  • All Levels
  • Yoga, Mobility, Bodyweight
  • All Levels
  • Yoga, Lifestyle
  • Meditation, Yoga
Yoga lectures
Yoga lectures
  • Yoga, Lifestyle
Classes that leaving you feeling good, yet challenging! Helped me go deeper in my yoga practice.
I found these classes and cuing accessible, as I never practiced yoga before. Feels great to have access to them anywhere and anytime I need.
This is such a great way to practice at home, at your own pace! Thank you!

What is our goal with this app?

Yoga cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. My goal is to empower and guide you on your own yoga journey, no matter where you are in the world. With this online platform, you'll have access to asana classes, tutorials and resources designed to help you cultivate strength, flexibility, inner peace but most import... Read more
  • Cultivate your own practice
  • Improve understanding of yoga, beyond asana
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Improve your overall wellbeing

Holistic Yoga Teacher

I am a yoga teacher, a civil servant at the UN as well as a life coach at heart, dedicated to help people reaching their purpose. I really discovered what Yoga can do for me during the COVID lockdowns in March 2020. Since then, I started a 7/7 yoga practice at home, initially attracted by fancy shapes displayed on Ins... Read more

App features

Set workout reminders to stay on track!
Video Workouts
Easy-to-follow videos for every workout in the program.
Notes & Logging
Track your weights, time, and reps. Take notes to capture your thoughts when working out
Complete at least one workout every week to get a streak!
Save your favorite workouts with the click of a button.
Stream Anywhere
Stream to your TV and laptop using Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV.
Set workout reminders to stay on track!

Frequently asked questions

How much does the app cost?
You can join this APP and community FREE for the first 7 days. After that, you'll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year. That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.28 a day — less than your morning cup of coffee!
I'm a beginner, is this app for me?
Most classes that I post work with any level of experience. Plus, there is a special corner for absolute beginners that fully breaks down most basic postures to set you up for success. Once these classes completed, you'll be able to do all postures and their variations easily and safely.
Do I need to purchase equipment?
It depends on the class! Most do not require equipment. However, yoga blocks and a yoga strap can come in handy in certain classes. It is indicated whether equipment is required.
Do you offer meditations?
Yes, meditation is an integral component to yoga. As such, I offer variations of meditation that focus on specific intentions.

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