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Foam Rolling

with Natalie Kimball

Add in Foam rolling before your dynamic warm-up *if time allows*: Foam rolling is incredible for prepping the muscle for movement prior to a workout. Through compromised breathing, working on the computer all day, and our lifestyle in general, our muscles become shortened. In that shortened state our posture adjusts which can affect our workouts leading us to compensate because we are “tight.” Foam rolling is an incredible tool to ease sore muscles directly after a hard training day, or on your off days while watching TV. Whenever it's most convenient! I suggest spending 30 seconds on each movement, however, you may find that you enjoy more time on certain movements. Be careful though, it’s easy to fall into the relief and spend all your time here (I know I do). Enjoy! Tip: One of the most common mistakes I see with foam rolling is holding your breath or pushing too hard. If you cannot breathe your nervous system will learn to guard, in that guarding process you will add more tension to the area you are trying to release. Our bodies are wildly intelligent and will do what it needs to do to protect us from pain. As you foam roll actively work on releasing the muscle and breathe through it. Less pressure with active breathing and relaxing will release more than holding your breath and guarding. More is not always better, learn to be gentle.

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Samantha 1y ago
I liked the background sounds that coincided with rolling the spots I didn’t remember existed till I felt the tightness.
Dwayne 1y ago
Definitely have a love/hate relationship with the foam roller but some of these help me lean a bit closer to the love side when it comes to the foam roller
Meg 1y ago
Great series! Loved the reminder to roll my IT bands - and bonus, learned how to roll my hammys
Amy 1y ago
These are perfect for anyone but especially for those with a desk job. They really open up your chest and reduce shoulder and neck pain.
Amy 1y ago
These are perfect for anyone dealing with sciatica!
Amy 1y ago
Foam rolling is always that “good” hurt and these are no exception. Love it!