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W3/D1 Chest & Shoulders 🦾

4.9|70Β min|30 comments
Getting in a repeat of week 1. Try to slow down your tempo, add weight or pulse reps until failure.


Anna β€’ 14h ago
Think these ones are best 😁
Sarah β€’ 7d ago
My chest is getting stronger for sure!!! Such a great feeling!
Melanie β€’ 3mo ago
The sprints at the end 😩 πŸ˜…
Rebekah β€’ 6mo ago
Finished my sprints in the rain, what a fun workout!❀️
Hez β€’ 6mo ago
Maybe I didn’t eat enough protein yesterday, maybe it’s Monday… but the resistance band dumbbell incline bench was more fiddly and tedious than effective for me today πŸ˜•

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