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The Right Direction

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Jade • 3mo ago
you have no idea of how I really admire you I LOVE YOU MOMO thank you Morgan, you're everything.
Ebony • 3mo ago
Damn Momo. I've wanted to go in on your progress for a little over a year now. Finally pulled the trigger and you're getting me in the feels 🥲 I'm excited to see how this all goes.
Emily • 3mo ago
Great information
Amanda • 3mo ago
I had to stop watching because of the amount of dangerous health misinformation. If you have Hashimoto's, please see an endocrinologist! It's completely treatable. If you're getting chronic infections (or really any of the other symptoms listed), please talk to your medical doctor. Some of the symptoms she's describing can be either harmless *or* signs of life-threatening conditions.
Allie • 3mo ago
The hardest part of this challenge for me will be the nutrition portion. I have struggled with an eating disorder and though I have made a lot of progress mentally, I am hoping this challenge will allow me to really become healthier instead of feeling familiarly malnourished.

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