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W5/D1 Upper Body, Core & Cardio

5.0|45 min|6 comments
MONDAY: Upper Body Warm Up ... more


Xiomara 2mo ago
I started this challenge late and I also had some bumps on the way which is why I'm only starting week 5 now but I'm doing it motivated and ready to kill it even if it's a little later than everyone else ❤️ everyone great work! 💪
Mia 2mo ago
A day behind because I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but I’m glad I took a day off for myself. Feeling great after todays workout!
Sarah 2mo ago
Soo good! I can feel my arms getting stronger! ✨ the side planks are always a bit tough for me, but I push through with the hip dips!! Let’s go!! 🔥🔥
Alejandro 2mo ago
Amazing way to start the final week with some gains! So happy to have accepted to this challenge.
Silence 2mo ago
This one was tough because I had no energy to begin with, but keeping my mind on the goal helped a lot, and finishing it felt so great especially after those box pushups Hahaha!

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