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W2/D4 Lower Body, Core & Cardio

5.0|45 min|9 comments
THURSDAY: Lower Body Warm Up ... more


Xiomara 2mo ago
When I saw "5 rounds" I was like "why Michelle why? 😫" but I made it through (still a little late but well). Let's go!!! 💪
Jonathan 2mo ago
Was not expecting the 5 rounds for each set at the end but had to push through glad I did
Alejandro 3mo ago
Amazing routine! My body was a little sore from Tuesday's workout, but my mind is getting stronger in order to give my 100%.
Jordyn 3mo ago
Today was very challenging, but I felt like an absolute beast finishing the final HIIT circuit! It’s getting harder, but let’s keep going ya’ll!! 👏🏻🔥
Silence 3mo ago
Each and every day I feel myself get stronger and less fatigued during my workouts, they’re still hard, but feeling any level of improvement is a joy! This particular one was a monster of a workout especially with the 5 set cardio and core 🥵 but nonetheless gratifying!

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