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Follow my workouts
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About me

Train Like A Gymnast, Model, Coach, Pn1

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I am a formerly competitive gymnast who became a personal trainer after leaving my full time desk job to pursue coaching and fitness modeling. I founded my own company, Train Like A Gymnast, to show people what they're truly capable of. My training style is challenging, yet approachable with a heavy focus on form, mindfulness, and intention. I am also a Wilhelmina Fitness Model, an iFit Trainer, a Ninja Warrior, among so many other things. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see my adventures with acro, pole dance, travel, and walking my cat, Zara.


TLAG wants to help you work on the fundamentals: like basics, drills, flexibility, and progressions needed for you to feel confident, strong, and capable enough to attempt harder skills someday. We’re here for you to be your best self, make working out fun again, and show you what you’re capable of. We’re giving you the chance to train whenever, wherever, with or without equipment to get stronger, unlock dream skills, increase your flexibility, and develop your strongest mindset ever.

Training Requirements

The goal of all Train Like A Gymnast workouts are intended to be able to be done in the comfort of your home without needing a gym membership. Athletes of ALL levels can train like a gymnast with the proper modifications and progressions. If 3 year olds can do gymnastics, you can too. Everyone starts somewhere. Some exercises may need additional equipment that you can purchase in the Insights tab if you do not have it already.


• NASM Certified Personal Trainer • Precision Nutrition L1 Certified • Former T3+ Equinox Trainer • Kettlebell L1 & 2 Certified • Pre & Post-Natal Certified • Functional Bodyweight Specialist • Women’s Fitness Specialist • Youth Exercise Specialist

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