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Follow my workouts
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About me

Booty-Builder and Ab-Shredder

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I’ve been a trainer for 8 years and was one of the top fitness competitors in North America! I have extensive experience in nutrition and knowledge in exercise science from my masters program in exercise physiology and my personal experience as a bodybuilder. As a bodybuilder I had to have my workouts and diet DIALED in! So believe me when I tell you we can accomplish your fitness goals together! 💪🏼


My programs will help you feel stronger, healthier, and more energized than ever before. We’ll work together to reach your goals in less time than you thought possible! Ditch the excess weight slowing you down & build a lean/toned physique or simply learn habits that will help you sleep better! I’m here to help give you direction with simple workouts and nutrition that anyone can do no matter how busy your schedule.

Training Requirements

My workouts can be done at home or in the gym—you’ll see specifications on each video that explain which ones are done where :) If you’re just doing home workouts, I’d still suggest that you get booty bands (i.e loop bands) and resistance bands with handles!


Masters in Exercise Physiology, NASM certified nutritionist, NCSF personal training certification, pre/post natal certified, kettlebell certifications, & top 5 nationally ranked bikini fitness athlete.

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