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W1/D2 W1/Biceps & Triceps

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BICEPS/TRICEPS: SINGLE-ARM DB PREACHER CURL: (3 second negatives each rep) - 1 warm-up set 15 reps arm - 3 working sets increasing weight each set 6-10 reps **drop set each set 1x to failure, minimum of 5 reps** BARBELL REVERSE CURL: - 2 sets increasing weight each set 6-12 reps - 2 HEAVY sets 5-8 reps **drop set each set with x reps, minimum 5 reps** HANDLE PRESS DOWN (both arms simultaneously): - 2 sets increasing weight each 8-12 reps - 2 sets HEAVY 5-8 reps **super set each set with reverse handle pull down to failure, minimum 5 reps** WEIGHTED BENCH DIPS: - 3 sets increasing weight each 6-12 reps **super set each set with DB kickbacks, both arms simultaneously, minimum 6 reps** INCLINE DB CURL: - 4 sets increasing weight each set reps to failure **no more than 60 seconds rest in between sets** BARBELL GIANT SET: - 3 sets using the same weight transitioning into each movement (each movement executed back to back with no rest in between equals 1 set.) - Barbell Skull Crusher 7 reps - Close grip barbell pullover 7 reps - Close grip press 7 reps


Stephanie 2y ago
Oh my god am I weak!! Haha I did train yesterday, I did a 15k ride so this is 3/5 for me this week. Really great exercises the hit the muscle group just right. Will work on strength in the coming weeks
Liana 2y ago
This i actually really enjoyed learning what my limits are and that i can go higher in weights then i thought i could!

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