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Follow my workouts
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About me

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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At 17 I became a personal trainer, and by 21 had won my first drug-free bodybuilding show. Over the following 10 years, I competed in 25+ shows, winning 2 world championships, as well as appearing on numerous fitness magazine covers, and featured articles. My approach to training is based around the progressive overload theory, combining both a lean, muscular physique, with a functional and athletic appeal. Each of my main programs focuses on a goal, (such as strength & size, conditioning, or flexibility & mobility), which lays out all of the steps needed to help you progress and see real results. There’s also some fun, one-off workouts for when you’re feeling like trying something new. Pick and choose your routines, follow them, and add in supplemental workouts (such as specific abdominal routines, cardio, or mobility) to help focus on areas you need and want.


My workouts will help get you that fitness-cover look, improve your strength and muscle tone, as well as work on improving your flexibility and range of motion.

Training Requirements

Many of my workouts can be performed at home, although may require some resistance in the form of a few dumbbells, resistance bands, and a bench. Other routines you’ll find you may require more equipment (commonly found in a gym). Each week, more and more full routines, and daily workouts will be added, helping you reach your true potential whether training at home, with limited equipment, or have full access to a gym.


Certified Trainer, 15 years competitor experience, 10+ covers, previous writer for Muscle & Fitness magazine, worked with many of the top fitness brands (both as an athlete and content creator).

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