Beginner Flexibility

Beginner Flexibility Program

4- week Program

Discover a 30-day flexibility and mobility program designed for beginners. Experience an easier approach to increasing flexibility, making it accessible for all, regardless of your current mobility or flexibility level. Join us and enjoy a modified way to achieve your flexibility goals without discomfort. Let's begin the journey together!

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About the program

Become more flexible in just 30 days! This program will teach you techniques to help with joint pain or tightness and guide you to easily touch your toes. It is suitable for anyone over 50 and provides detailed instructions and demonstrations for each stretch. Don't forget: You must utilize muscle activation techniques every day to achieve the best results for stretching and mobility. When a muscle is tight and tense, it may not need stretching. Instead, focus on activating the underactive (inhibited) muscles that lack stability. Activating these muscles will signal the nervous system to release excess tension at the adjacent joint, thereby improving mobility by activating opposing muscles to enhance joint stability.
  • 1 Upper body day
  • 1 Full body
  • 1 lower body
  • using physiotherapy and PNF techniques
  • Beginner friendly and learn stretches for those stubborn spots
  • trigger point and foam rolling techniques
  • 30- 40 minutes only 3 days a week
  • Easy to use app with clear directions on how to use it and tutorials
  • 1 time purchase yours for a lifetime
Yoga, Stretching, Warm Up, Full Body
4 weeks program 3 days/week 30-45 mins
All Levels
Yoga, Stretching, Warm Up, Full Body
4 weeks program 3 days/week 30-45 mins
All Levels


Lower body day
Lower body day

Glowing 5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Love this app!!! Every workout is challenging and I've had amazing results.
Beautiful, user friendly app. truly enjoying having quick access to workouts. makes reaching my goal of daily movement much easier.
Clear, strightforward, focused workouts that are enjoyable and effective.

Frequently asked questions

What are the goals of this program?
* Relive pain & Aches * increase flexibility in 30 days * Increase flexibility and mobility * Improve posture * Improve mental clarity and focus *If you can't touch your toes, this program will help you achieve that. You may be surprised to learn that your lack of flexibility and tightness may be due to not activating the correct muscles. Since the muscles of the body work together most of the time, this program will help you address these issues.
How can I ask you questions?
Message me in the app for any questions you have. I do my best to review all comments and make any recommended changes. I want to see your progress! I would also love to see your progress pictures and video. Send me your progress to my email at [email protected]
Who is this program good for
This program is designed for individuals who struggle with flexibility. I understand that some yoga moves can be challenging, especially for those who can't touch their toes or fully straighten their legs without tightness or cramping in their hamstrings. This program is suitable for seniors, adults, and young people, as I have modified all the stretches to be low-impact and to gradually help you improve your flexibility.

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