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Follow my workouts
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$14.99 on a monthly plan

$99.99 on a annual plan

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One subscription. Countless opportunities.

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About me

Training & Nutrition Coach, Youtuber

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I didn’t always have the physique I have today. I was a skinny skateboarder for most of my life. I skated professionally and I competed for many years. I was on the cover of Thrasher Magazine, Transworld, and Slap. In 2011 I had a bad accident and broke my neck. It was the worst injury of my life. During physical therapy I fell in love with the process of resistance training. The therapists had me using all kinds of bands to strengthen my neck. As I improved I got the ok from my doctor to join the gym. I became obsessed. Fitness and health was my new passion. I stayed very consistent and dedicated as I watched my body change. It is an extremely fun journey to set a goal and accomplish it. I had lots of people asking me questions about my diet and training. I was helping lots of people and they were getting awesome results too. This is where I decided to become a coach. I really enjoy helping people change their life for the better. Let’s work! 💪🏻


My playbook will help you building strength and lean muscle. It will work your entire body to ensure you have a well balanced strong physique.

Training Requirements

You will need access to a gym that has an assortment of equipment. Squat rack, benches, machines, and dumbbells.


ISSA Certified Trainer, Wilhelmina Sports & Fitness Model

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