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    About Metathletix's methods

    Long gone are the days of trying to figure out what exercises you need for your sport and what aspects need to be worked on in the weight room: the app is here to take the guesswork away. There are many programs designed to prepare everybody to reach their fitnes goals by building a foundation of strength, speed and agility that will allow them to live a healthy active life. With over +100 exercise library, the programs are here to make training structured but also leave room for customization. The program has 3-4 sessions a week that are no longer than 60 minutes that include:
    • 1:1 Feedback
    • Strength Training, Mobility and Injury Management
    • Access To a Growing Community
    • In-depth Exercise Explanation
    • Athletic Performance Programs

    Physical Therapist and S&C Coach, Founder of Metathletix

    In the world of combat sports, where split-second decisions and finely honed skills can make all the difference, there is a hidden force working tirelessly behind the scenes. I'm Mahmoud, a passionate and dedicated physical therapist and S&C coach specializing in helping combat athletes reach their peak performance. With a profound understanding of the unique physical demands and challenges faced by fighters, I am here to support those seeking to enhance their abilities in the on the mats. As a life-long martial artist myself, I understand the roadblocks and frustrations that could affect a combat athlete. Whether it’s a nagging injury, or a lacking conditioning problem, I will be here every step of the way, guiding you to becoming a better athlete.

    Complete Strength Training Program for BJJ

    CGP - Grappling Sports
    CGP - Grappling Sports
    • Athletic Performance
    • 14 weeks, 4 days per week
    • Boxing, Sports, Functional
    • All Levels

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I know if the app is for me?
    The Metathletix app is built to suit everyone from beginner to advanced with different progressions: using a flexible and science-based approach, the program covers all the bases. Training to prepare for the demands of grappling doesn't have to be guess work anymore. Strength, mobility, conditioning, as well as injury management, everything is covered in order to take your fitness to the next level
    Do I need to purchase equipment?
    It depends on the workout! The app has a lot of workouts that require no equipment. We also have workouts that require minimal equipment (like dumbbells or a yoga mat) and some that require weight-lifting machines. There’s something for everyone — regardless of equipment — to help you get in shape.
    What if I have questions about the programs?
    No worries, you'll have direct access to me, and we will be able to do the necessary adjustments to get you on track!

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