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Follow my workouts
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About me

Strength & Wellness Coach

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I made myself. I grabbed all my fears and insecurities and brought them straight to the SQUAT RACK. I tried a few things prior to that. Things I hoped would ignite a passion in me to feel what DEDICATION really is. Track and field, musical theater, fine arts, architecture, partying, cycling, music festivals, alcohol, and so on. Nothing sustained that FEELING I was looking for. Lifting, breaking down muscle, building up muscle, eating for fuel and crying throughout the WHOLE process showed me that I could be dedicated to MYSELF. I began to show myself RESPECT and ADMIRATION. Food and fitness became fun & creative once I built my confidence from the BASICS. I changed my mind, my body and my outlook on life. It's time I share with you my METHOD


My APP will give you the outline, techniques and inspiration for YOU to crush any goal. THIS IS ABOUT YOU! This is about YOU owning your fitness, your diet and YOUR confidence. My TRAINING style is: 1) TRAIN TO FAILURE - Using intensity to exhaust yourself from the very first set! 2) SUPERSET EVERYTHING 3) TIMING & FOCUS - Workouts are kept SIMPLE (less than 5 different moves) so your focus is on INTENSITY & the recommended rest time My FOOD style is: EAT WHOLE FOODS & make things EASY!

Training Requirements

I love a good gym, but I believe: If it's worth it to you you'll find a way, if not you'll find an excuse. All of my programs can be done at-home with moderate equipment. You can find the equipment I use online at LAURA MARIE SHOP. I recommend investing in a DIGITAL WATCH to keep track of your rest time between sets.


University of Florida Alumna Interior Architecture and Fine Arts RYT 200 Yoga Certification International Bikini Pro International Fitness Model Pro

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