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The 7d ago
Great loved it!
DarkCyanide 8mo ago
One exception to the if it’s there part…. There’s this modern industrial song I have wanted to film a dance to for years, but choreographers told the first few bands to start making this more modern industrial (which is 80s electro combined with metal, but with a variable time signature) that due to the time signature changes it would be impossible to choreograph or dance to, cyber goth industrial dancers took that as a dare and well….. I have so many parts of it, but oh my word I do not have enough experience yet to be able to get it anywhere near how I want it to look with the pole parts, so it’s going in the long term project hole and I’ve chosen another song for inspire with a video game theme so a bit easier to work with this early on, and it easily fits within the time limit too
DarkCyanide 9mo ago
Stage fright acting up is one of the big things that makes me struggle with this, makes me realise how lucky we are in aus because we learn so much about performing within the standard school curriculum and so much is coming back to me, but no one has ever had a valid answer on coping mechanisms for stage fright once you’re actually ON STAGE, and with stuff this physical the typical ballet etc “just spew first” is NOT a valid option cause that will just lead to a fainting episode lol
DarkCyanide 9mo ago
That umbrella brooch… trying to work out my costume for inspire and trying to work out what the actual lines are on what can and can’t damage the poles, wanting to wear a steel boned Underbust corset, and wanting to use one I already have as it’s already worn in so I can get proper movement, but been trying to work out whether I will need to give it a padded panel over the front steel busk closures to protect the pole.
DarkCyanide 9mo ago
Serious question, when sore, what topicals are not gonna damage the poles? I used Zen gel, wiped it back off and then taped my knees and then knee pads over for ignite, but my chiro and physio both use fisiocrem, Zen is just more effective with limited places it can be due to the arnica, but if something like this isn’t gonna hurt the poles, my muscles would so appreciate it. So now it’s totally irrelevant, I actually changed my bio the Monday before, in 2016 I was hit by a car as a pedestrian crossing the road in Brunswick, and I had to learn to walk again and drs said I couldn’t, I didn’t want sob story points and to get into finals for silly reasons but you’ve already scored now, but uhh yeah they said I’d never walk and here I am climbing poles… and you beginning PhysiPole and making the huge changes to societal opinions of pole has gotten me through the last stage of my rehabilitation and I can climb stairs again since learning to climb a pole…. Kinda just realised I should tell you that you’re literally changing lives for the better
Elaina 10mo ago
I really appreciated this!! I did a modified version before my performance last week and it was super helpful!! Thank you!