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Follow my workouts
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About me

CPT, Strength/Nutrition Coach, IFBB Pro.

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I am a full time professional athlete (IFBB Pro), Certified personal trainer, strength and nutrition coach. I’m also in training to become an MMA fighter as well. This page will include all my exercises/training that have built my physique and got my body in tip top conditioning shape. My nutrition and supplementation will be included too, which is very important! I’ll include exercises, full body circuits, hiit workouts, warm ups, stretches, cardio routines, nutrition plans, bodybuilding lifting routines, booty building plans, MMA workouts to improve your stand up and ground game, and much more! This channel has something for everyone:) Your body is my business - KLeeMade


This channel will help you improve your physique- build muscle, tone up, lose body fat, become faster/more explosive, more flexible and mobile for your workouts, and improve your cardio/endurance/performance. This will all in turn help you become mentally stronger too!

Training Requirements

Most movements require basic equipment- dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, TRX bands, stability balls, bosu balls, medicine balls, boxes, free weights, resistance bands, speed ladder, jump rope, landmine, cable attachment, and a positive attitude! No huge machines needed!


Certified personal trainer 7 years, professional bodybuilder for 5 years (actively training for 9), corrective exercise specialist 4 years, nutrition coach for 7 years, and mma training for 1 year. Business owner for 3 years. Still growing and building upon these qualifications. Stay tuned, best is yet to come!!!

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