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All you need for this workout is a bench (or step up box) and a kettlebell (dumbbells will work as well!) -4x8 each leg Single Leg Step Ups -4x8 each leg Goblet Step Downs -4x10 KB Pulsing Sumo Squat -4x10 KB Pulsing Deadlift -4x10 Bench Jumps


Sabrina 11h ago
Yaaasssss!!! I love glut Fridays took a break for summer ready, but I was so excited to get back to the program. I did standing abs first my legs are shaky I’m exhausted, but I feel so happy and good.
Sabrina 2mo ago
I had so many typos because I was trying to correct my grammar. But I want to have this correct so when I look back, my pump is insane right now and I really need to implement these moves. My left side is extremely weak on the step ups. I need to do this work out Once a month if not twice a month for sure
Sabrina 2mo ago
Sheeesh sheeesh sheeesh let’s goooo I am shaky as I am typing this. I haven’t done this in a while and we’re freestyle this week so I wanted to do try to do some different movements. I don’t know why I forget about this one. I’m so focused on building and glute I feel so routine will be this the following week and then the next week thank you Toya for these !!! focused that I need to also really implement these moves because holy cow my glue is insane right
Katie 2mo ago
Ebony 10mo ago
Nice one! Good sweat quickly!

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