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Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Success Coach

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Hey all. It’s Joe AKA josephrjennings. I’m excited to bring you HFF...High Functioning Fitness. As a busy, success minded person, it’s difficult to make time for your health and wellness. You have a full time job, a side hustle, a family, etc...and you still want to look sexy and feel good. This is that program. Be a super achiever in all areas of your life, including your body and fitness. By shaping your body, you’ll also change your mindset, find more confidence, and even more success in your chosen areas of life. Whether you’re a high powered career person, an entrepreneur, or a highly functioning parent, we’ll work together to get you at the peak of your game.


My program will help you build muscle, lose fat, build confidence, train your mind, and net you even more success. The theory is true: wins creates more winning.

Training Requirements

Vast majority of these workouts will be performed in a gym / weight lifting setting. There will be videos for at home workouts as well with limited equipment. Lastly we’ll include some body weight and yoga based workouts that don’t rely on any equipment.


I am a self proclaimed fitness and success addict. I work as a high level manager in corporate America, have a profitable side hustle, trade stocks and crypto, and still manage to keep myself in great shape. And I want this success for you too! The pillars are health, wealth, and happiness. Without the first, the others can only reach limited potential.

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