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Jordan DesmaJordan Desma
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Plated Double Crunch Suicides

5.0|5 min
Abs & Core
Lose Weight
• Choose 3 or 4 plates 5-10lbs each • Start by bringing both legs into a right angle forming almost a table top to rest your stack or plates • rest the whole stack of plates on your table top • secure plates by flexing your heels (dorsiflexion) • completely lay out, arms straight back, facing the ceiling, legs stretched out straight w/ plates still on • chest proud core tight moving at the hip not using your back • bring up for a crunch at the same time you bring your legs into that table top for a double crunch • each time you come up remove a plate and bring to the back with you • once the stack is clear off of legs and all is in hand, restack to the legs again

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