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About me

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Veteran

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You may know me as an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Men’s Physique Professional. What you might not know is, I am also a 3rd generation United States Army Combat Veteran, National Personal Training Institute graduate, outdoor enthusiast, and family man. Growing up, I was known as the skinny kid weighing in at only 116 lbs by the time I finished high school. After graduating, I immediately enlisted in the Army and it was here that I discovered my passion for fitness and training. Not only did I find that training helped me with the stress, but the physical changes to my body really ignited the fiery passion for progression. When I returned from overseas, I had found MY PURPOSE: to be the best version of myself and show the world what fitness could really do for someone. Through unrelenting DRIVE and WORK ETHIC, I earned my place to compete at bodybuilding’s most prestigious event, the Mr. Olympia. At my first Mr. Olympia appearance in 2016, I placed third in the world. Since then, I have consistently remained amongst the top in my division, solidifying my place as one of the best. With more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry, including several magazine spreads and covers, multiple top 5 Mr. Olympia appearances, and IFBB professional wins, I appreciate the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that go along with chasing your goals. I want to share everything I have learned along the way to guide you on YOUR OWN JOURNEY. Knowing how to push beyond limits and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is part of the POTVIN POWER mentality that will help you create your own SUCCESS. Level up with me as we start this journey, TOGETHER! 💪


The PotvinPower App is designed to prepare you to meet all of your challenges head on through a regimented and well disciplined bodybuilding routine. Developing that “Potvin Power Mentality” will enable you to reach your maximum potential in mind, body, and strength. My app is designed not to be complicated, but to keep things simple while motivating you to improve day by day. With consistent daily work, we can achieve anything!

Training Requirements

You will need access to gym equipment in order to train with me.


2x IFBB Pro wins 4x Mr. Olympia appearances 3x Top 5 in World 1x Muscle & Fitness cover 1x Muscle & Fitness spread 2x Muscular Development spread Army Combat Veteran National Personal Training Institute graduate

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