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I have been training for 8 years now! It began when I became addicted to the feeling of getting results from hard work, it never let me down. I didn't always know how to train properly, I actually wasted about 2 years where I could've gained triple the results if I'd had a legitamte, science-backed plan to follow. So, i'm here to bring you guys everything I have learnt to make sure you are always getting the most out of your training and so you can also feel that addictive feeling I get when I see the results of my work. Within this plan, you will see all the tips and tricks that I have accumulated after years of research, along with the most efficient workouts to get the most out of your sessions. I have absolute certainty that you will love my workout guides and will see maximum results and progression. I have made it my duty to produce nothing less than flawless. Join me in my in-depth and an easy to understand workout plans so I can help you in both your short-term and long-term goals. ❤


My playbook workouts will help you build and shape your glutes, tone your body and lose fat. My glute focused workouts provide you with the perfect science-bases way of gaining a “slim-thick” figure!

Training Requirements

There are options for everyone. Whether you have a gym or workout from home, there is a guide suited to your needs! The minimum requirement are some dumbbells and resistance bands ☺️


8 years of experience and advanced research on the science behind bodybuilding, with a heavy focus on glutes. All backed by official research and advice from Ph.D. professors such as Mike Israetel and Bret Concreas.

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