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About me

Trainer & Chef Health & Wellness Writer


Hey everybody! I’m Zach and I’m a personal trainer, chef, and writer based in LA. I’m mostly know for training the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye. Throughout my career in fitness I’ve helped clients of all types become healthier, happier, and a hell of a lot stronger! Growing up I was always an athlete. I played all the team sports and then after some knee injuries got into powerlifting. Then I became a chef and between the long hours, late night, and unhealthy foods I found myself out of shape and unhappy. I had always been on my best shape when I had something to compete in so a friend of mine convinced me to do a physique competition with him. In training for that I fell in love with fitness everything it could do for someone not just physically, but mentally. I decided I wanted to help others make the same changes that I had so I left the culinary world and jumped full time into training. At a gym in Kansas City I started training clients, teaching classes, and working as Assistant Fitness Director. I was able to combine my love of fitness and background in food to help people make positive changes to their overall lifestyle. My specialty was strength and athletic performance, but I trained every type of client you could think of. By focusing on performance and quality movement they were able to not just look better, but bring out the athlete that’s inside all of us! While working there the cast of Queer Eye happened to come to down and I trained them while they filmed 2 seasons in KC. After leaving I was asked to tag along to Japan with them and train them while there. Bobby asked me to move to LA to be his trainer personal, chef, and the health & wellness expert for his newly launched lifestyle site. Since then I’ve been able to travel with the cast while helping thousands more improve their lives through health and fitness. I’m excited to continue that mission through Playbook and spread my knowledge and passion to everyone!


I believe that to look like an athlete you need to train like one! We’ll be focusing on quality movements while building strength, power, and speed. If you stick with this program and put in the work you’ll be feeling better, moving better, and looking better!

Training Requirements

All you need for this program is dumbbells, kettlebells, and some motivation!


Celebrity Trainer Competitive Powerlifter & USA Powerlifting Certified Coach Wannabe Triathlete

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