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Safe workouts for expecting moms that want to maintain strength & muscle throughout their pregnancy 💪🏼

40 weeks program
All Levels
40 weeks program
All Levels
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About the program

Welcome to our Prenatal Training Program! These workouts are designed for pregnant mamas who are wanting to make health & fitness a priority throughout their pregnancy. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited to be alongside you throughout this incredible journey. We know that pregnancy, especially a first pregnancy, can be overwhelming & filled with unknowns - and that's why we created this program...to take out the guesswork & stress when it comes to fitness in pregnancy. This program & these workouts are designed to be stress and pressure FREE! There is no rigid schedule or set amount of workouts you have to complete per week. Think of it as a giant grab bag of pregnancy safe workouts that you can rest assured are safe for you AND your baby, wherever you are in your pregnancy. We know that every day in pregnancy can look and feel different, and these workouts are here for you on the days you are feeling strong and able to train. They are designed to be flexible with your schedule - so you can plug them into your week however it fits best. We are so proud of you for making fitness a priority during this time, and are honored to be a part of it! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about this program.
  • 90 total workouts
  • Every workout is 45 minutes or less
  • 30 first trimester workouts (upper-body, lower-body & full-body strength)
  • 30 second trimester workouts (upper-body, lower-body & full-body strength)
  • 30 third trimester workouts (upper-body, lower-body & full-body strength)

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About Stef And Mak

Meet Stef & Makayla

Stef has been in the health & fitness industry for 6 years. She holds NASM CPT & ACE Prenatal certifications and is also a certified Spin instructor. She was a HIIT bootcamp & spin class instructor at a boutique gym in Nashville, and has since taken her passion for all things health & fitness onto social media where she has built a community of women that she hopes to encourage and educate women on how to live a fit, healthy & balanced lifestyle. Stef has also worked with & been involved in her husband's dietary supplement company, Bare Performance Nutrition. Makayla holds NASM CPT & ACE Prenatal certifications, and is also a RN-BSN. She has trained in just about every area of fitness! From bodybuilding, to HIIT, Crossfit & Ultra Marathon Running - she's a competitive athlete with a huge passion for health & fitness. Makayla thinks outside of the box and gets super creative when it comes to programming workouts - and you'll see that throughout the app and workouts.


Get support & accountability from our amazing community

Find encouragement and accountability by connecting with others in our exclusive, private Facebook group! This is a place where we are encouraging each other, sharing tips & ideas when it comes to nutrition & training...and it's also a great place to connect with like-minded women!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be cleared by my doctor to start this program?
Yes! We highly recommend consulting a healthcare professional before beginning this or any program. Every woman's pregnancy looks a little different, so it's important to make sure it's the right fit and safe for you and your baby. This training program & these workouts should be treated as as guide and should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional.
What equipment do I need for these workouts?
Basic gym equipment! A dumbbells, bench, mat and bands at the minimum. You may see other equipment like barbells, kettlebells, a box, etc - but those can easily be subbed for other equipment if you have it. Always feel free to message us if you need substitutions or modifications!
What kind of training will I be doing?
These are strength, resistance training style workouts. They are broken up into Upper-Body Workouts, Lower-Body Workouts, and Full-Body workouts. Each workout is a mix of bodyweight & weighted training.
How long are the workouts?
Each workout should take you no longer than 45 minutes!
What's the training schedule?
That's up to you! We designed these workouts to plug into your schedule based on your week, and how you are feeling. Here's a recommended training schedule, if you are wanting one! Monday: Upper-Body Strength Tuesday: Rest or Low Impact Cardio (walking, jogging, cycle, any type of cardio you like or prefer!) Wednesday: Lower-Body Strength Thursday: Rest or Low Impact Cardio Friday: Rest or Low Impact Cardio Saturday: Full-Body Strength Sunday: Rest
How are the workouts organized?
Every workout is categorized and designed by trimester. So no matter where you jump in, you can rest easy knowing that all of the exercises & movements you see are safe and designed for that moment in pregnancy. You'll see modifications and changes to movements that are pregnancy-safe for that trimester, as you progress through the workouts.

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