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Follow my workouts
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Hello! My name is Sarah, and I am a self-love advocate and fitness enthusiast. My greatest goal is to help others bridge the gap between their mental and physical health. I believe in a wholesome approach to fitness, one that supersedes our bodies and the beauty standards we are swarmed with. My fitness journey stems from many growing pains - my main one surviving anorexia nervosa. For years I made myself small and believed in the truth of my insecurities. My body was merely an inconvenience and a barricade. I did not deem myself as worthy, which was the poison that started it all. From there, my body and my health were neglected, and the only thing I would graciously eat were the lies spewed by an eating disorder. Anorexia became my comfort. And growth, in all its forms, my greatest fear. 7 years later, and my recovery from anorexia continues to be my proudest accomplishment. And I am proud to say that self-love saved my life. I learned that the love we have for ourselves requires unconditional acceptance for who we are, no matter the pounds we weigh or the food we eat. No matter our size or our shape. By way of recovery, fitness became a therapy in which I honoured my body, as opposed to punishing it. Food became nourishment as opposed to a metric system to ignite shame. And life, with self-love, is so much better. I am here to inspire the same for you. I am honoured to be here to support both your physical and mental growth. Let’s fight together 💜


My Playbook will serve to spark your inner athlete! The main goals of my Playbook is to help you build your athleticism by increasing your strength, muscle tone, mobility, and endurance. My workouts include methodical movement patterns so that you build a strong foundation. I also include a variety of fun exercises to spice up the workouts and lift your heart rate! Above all, I want you to build the confidence to approach your fitness goals with success (and of course, self-love!)

Training Requirements

Many of workouts can be done at the comfort of your own home! My Program FFG Home will require minimal equipment such as a yoga mat, a couple of doubles, and bands. Most of the exercises are bodyweight only.



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