Intro To Sprouting

Intro to Sprouting

Unlock the Power of Sprouts in Your Life!

Get LIFETIME access to my Intro to Sprouts course where I help you master your nutrition and wellness with sprouts! Designed specifically for women who are ready to step into the world of health-conscious living, this course will "sprout" your knowledge and change your life. Get ready to unlock your full potential on an empowering journey towards a healthier and more vibrant you!

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About the program

This empowering series is your first step towards transforming your diet and boosting your health! 🌱 Why Sprouts? Discover how these tiny powerhouses are not just food but your allies in fighting and preventing illness, including breast cancer. 🎥 What You'll Learn: Gain confidence with each episode, equipped with tips and tricks to make sprouting a breeze. ✨ Join Our Community: Nourish yourself with sprouts and join a community of like-minded women who are on the same path towards better health. 🌟 Take Control of Your Health: I'll take you through a journey to inform and equip you to reclaim your health with sprouts. Start your sprouting journey today with instant access to all my knowledge plus support upon purchase! Your body—and your taste buds—will thank you!

    About Natalia Maldonado

    Holistic Nutrition & Movement Coach

    Hi! I am Natalia, creator of Wellness Warrior Method. I empower women, and teach them to how to grow sprouts & build confidence through yoga, strength training & energizing movement and mantras. As a Bronx-born Latina, raised by a single mom, United States Air Force Veteran, and former New York City Police Officer - the journey started out prioritizing exercise and healthy habits for my own well-being and sanity. As I quickly felt the benefits- physical fitness saved my life - and it became a passion of mine to help others experience the same. It was in 2019, a midst personal challenges and a breast cancer diagnosis, I chose to heal myself naturally, realign with God’s plan and give nature a chance. Prayer, growing sprouts & wheatgrass and holistic wellness empowered me to conquer breast cancer by August 2021. I am committed to providing the resources and tools to help equip other women do the same. Activate your inner Wellness Warrior- with love and spirituality as guiding forces.

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