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/10 Day Bodyweight

Day 1 - 10 Day bodyweight program

4.7|30 min|39 comments
Day 1 - Lower Body / Core Warm Up x 2... more


Jeremy 5mo ago
Great work out but, within the app if you can have it transition from one workout to the next with out the person having to tap to the next work out or start the timer. It would be way more efficient so you don’t have to stop working out. Hopefully that makes sense what I’m try to say
Santiago 6mo ago
The combination of the lunges with jumping jacks was fire to the legs
Nick 9mo ago
Great workout!
Canaan 1y ago
Just what I needed for the new year!
Danomite 1y ago
Good workout! I’m just beginning a structured workout and this was enough to give me a challenge but not to much to try to make me quit. Showed me some of my weaknesses I need to work on as well

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