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About me

Certified Personal Trainer, Mom of 4

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I’m Lindsey, C.P.T., Pre/Postnatal Specialist and mom to 4 amazing kiddos. Before becoming a mother I trained clients from a large gym, now I am excited to help women from home. After 4 full-term pregnancies concluded with natural/unmediated births my passion has narrowed to helping women through this season and beyond. I had all 4 of our children within 5 years (2014-2019) so we are still very much in the thick of parenthood with two boys and two girls. We homeschool our first grader currently while my husband has a demanding job so I understand the juggling act of marriage, parenting, self-care and keeping all the balls in the air. Fitness has been an outlet for me to stay mentally reenergized, patient with my family and joyful in the stay at home mom journey. I am an eating disorder survivor having been inpatient for 3 months back when I was 14 years old. I learned at that time about Intuitive Eating and the benefits of non-restrictive eating. I am passionately against the strict diet fads that ultimately leave us back where we started rid with guilt and defeat. I want you to find freedom in eating. We are fed so many messages as women that our worth is somehow tied to our physical body and that pressure is overwhelming. We must reorient our minds to think of exercise and food as a natural way to fuel and care for our bodies to be the best versions of ourselves. There must be joy in the journey to make it sustainable. I plan to move and eat well to fuel the body God has given me, I hope you will come along with me. Let’s move to increase our endorphins and be mentally strong and present.


Lindsey Shooter Lifestyle is a program for moms. Whether preparing to conceive, currently pregnant or postpartum (once postpartum, always postpartum) this is the program for you. Programs include: -Prenatal workouts to safely exercise through each trimester. -Diastasis Recti ab rehab programs -Postpartum strengthening of the core, pelvic floor and posture correction. -All workouts can be done from home using LSL resistance bands and glute loops. -Intuitive eating plans & recipes. -Be joyful.

Training Requirements

My programs can be done at home but here is a list of things you will need: -Lindsey Shooter Lifestyle long resistance bands and set of glute loops -Preferably 2 sets of dumbbells including a lightweight set (5lb-8lb) & heavier set (10lb - 15lb) -Yoga mat or towel for floor exercises -Towel & water bottle nearby -Music to pump you up!


-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM -Certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist -Keeping 4 tiny humans alive on the daily 🤪

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