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Karma Yoga is a boutique fitness studio located in San Francisco and Austin, we thrive off community and movement. Since the transition of the pandemic we have always wanted to continue our efforts outside of our studio space and here is an opportunity to share time with all of us!

Frequently asked questions

What class styles do you offer?
We offer several class styles to suit your mood, goals, & timeframe. Videos range from just a couple of minutes to a full 45-minute class. For cardio, try HOT HIIT FLOW. For strength, try HOT HIIT FLOW WITH WEIGHTS. For mobility, try POWER FLOW. For relaxation, try a MEDITATION or a YIN FLOW class.
What makes these classes special?
If you've visited us in-studio in San Francisco or Austin, then you've experienced the magic for yourself already. If you haven't had the chance to do so, you'll come to love the wisdom & energy of Karma's talented pool of teachers experienced in anatomy, philosophy, and class sequencing.
What equipment do I need?
It depends on your class! We recommend you use a yoga mat for all classes, and feel free to get creative with your props: blocks, bolsters, pillows, towels can all provide additional support. Our Hot HIIT with Weights class is our one modality where weights are included. We use small 3-15 lbs weights, but you can do them at a bodyweight level too.
Do you offer ways to connect in-person?
Yes, we do! You can visit us in-studio in San Francisco or come to our community classes & events in Austin. We also offer annual retreats to Tulum, Mexico & beyond.

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