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How to Pick the Right Program for You

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Doug 2mo ago
Thanks! Looking forward to getting started on the programs and seeing and feeling the results from the workouts and nutrition.
Cory 2mo ago
Amazing can’t wait to start your programs
Amanda 2mo ago
I appreciate the acknowledgement that some of us just don’t have a lot of residual time to spare 🤪
Fabian 3mo ago
I'm enjoying the brevity so far and straight to the point.
Santosh 3mo ago
Hey Jeremy! Santosh here from Bangalore. So glad to have signed up for the programme. I’m starting over after nearly 2.5 years. Can you tell me which one to pick initially and gradually build on. PS - I used to be a pretty active guy and regular functional fitness guy until covid hit us all. The. Went astray. Thanks in advance

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