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Where to Begin

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Darin 20d ago
Patrick 2mo ago
Good stuff! Thank you Jeremy! Mobility is extremely important to me as I’m getting older, one of my main goals is not to slouch! I can feel my shoulders starting to fall forward and that is something I do not want! So yes to that, and I believe having a strong core is part of it all.
Kevin 3mo ago
Excited to get started!
Jeremy 4mo ago
I specifically signed up not for the exercises and the routines, or the met one, yada yada yada. I have listened to the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast and been afraid to join the app, even for a dollar, because I know I need a lot of work. I love this intro from Jeremy because nutrition, supplements, mobility is my real reason to have pulled the trigger here and I’m supported with that goal from this video. Thanks.
Duke 4mo ago
Looking forward to working out with the app!

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