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About me

Athlete Muscle Building Specialist

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My name is Ivan Ivanov. I was born in a small town in Bulgaria. I fell in love with sports at a very early age. My father left me when I was a small kid, but he did one thing - he ignited a strong passion in me, for sports and physical training. At the age of 6 I started wresting for my hometown. After wrestling for nearly 4 years I fell in love with basketball and played all the way through my high school years. I have always been very competitive and always looked for ways I can get an edge in what I do. At the age of 14 I started doing my own research into diet and exercise. I was reading everything I could get my hands on on nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain, body weight training, flexibility and mobility and strength and performance. Coming from a heavy sports background, I developed a strong passion for body weight training and sculpting aesthetics. I have always been naturally strong but I wanted more. I wanted to maximise my results and be the best in the field. I became obsessed with the idea of sculpting the most aesthetic natural physique to ever walked planet earth. Graduating high school and going to university I continued to pursue my true passion for sports, health and fitness. I was studying for an engineer but my heart was saying otherwise. I began expanding my knowledge, reading and applying everything I knew. Four years later I became a Marine Engineer. Now I had to make a choice - my dream or my education. I went after my dreams and never looked back. Just a few months later I had won two first places in a fitness competition, followed by launching my Personal Training Fitness Business. Today, I am grateful for having the chance to work with hundreds of clients all over the world, while pursuing my dreams and sharing my passion with others. I proceeded my studies with multiple Nutrition and Training courses, my depth of knowledge and experience has exponentially expanded. I am looking forward to share all of it with you.


I will help you transform not just your body - but your mindset as well! I will teach you how to properly execute every single exercise, both body weight and weight training. Together we will build lean muscle, shred fat, sculpt legendary aesthetics, better your mobility, increase your flexibility, all while having tons of fun! I will teach you the fundamentals of Nutrition, it’s importance and relation with your goals and how to correctly implement it all for yourself!

Training Requirements

I will be sharing street body weight workouts requiring no equipment. Gym workouts with wide variety of exercises. Home workouts requiring minimal equipment ( pair of dumbbells, resistance bands, Swiss ball ). Gym & Home Core workouts. Mobility & Flexibility drills that could be done in any environment and require minimal no equipment.


I have well over 18 years of training experience and more than 6 years of personal 1 on 1 coaching experience. I am Precision Nutrition certified, certified online trainer and fitness competitor, Aesthetics and Muscle Building Specialist.

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