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Kayla Roberts, NASM CPT & CNC

Hello Fitfam!! My name is Kayla Roberts! I am 34 years old, a wife, a mom of 3, a registered nurse, & the creator of INSPIRED Health! After years of digging deeper into my own health and fitness journey, I decided to help others reach their goals, too! As of Aug 2023, I am a new creator to Playbook, however, I have used another platform in the past. In the meantime, I became a Playbook member to see how I jived with it, and I LOVED it! So I look forward to providing a solid variety of my past content AND new weekly content including: workouts specific to certain muscle groups, full body workouts, follow along workouts, nutrition tips/recipes, & SO MUCH MORE! <3 I am beyond excited to help you bring your fitness journey to life! It all starts with your mindset--So...How bad do you want it? xoxo- Kayla Roberts, CPT & CNC

My Real Time Workouts Each Week!

    • Minimal Equipment
    • User Friendly Instruction
    • For All Levels of Training
Love this app!!! Every workout is challenging and I've had amazing results.
Beautiful, user friendly app. truly enjoying having quick access to workouts. makes reaching my goal of daily movement much easier.
Clear, strightforward, focused workouts that are enjoyable and effective.
Very user friendly, love the layout and the customized feel! There's options for everyone!
Kayla R.

Need to see it to believe it?

"Yours truly here. Set a goal and put yourself in drive. Take the pics...because even when you think you're not making any progress, I can assure you--you ARE! & always remember, Progress, not Perfection! Mind Over Matter!"
--Kayla Roberts.
"I have done other fitness challenges in the past, one major thing I prefer about Kayla's is the convenience of the 30-35 min workouts. Working full time as a nurse and having a new baby, a quick workout is key to staying consistent. Kayla is easily accessible and quick to respond to any questions about nutrition, workouts, etc. Since I have met Kayla a few years ago, before she started coaching, she has always been such an inspiration to me and motivated me to start living this healthy lifestyle in the first place. I have lost over 100 pounds in the past couple years! She is always happy to share recipes, food finds, and substitutions. She's so dedicated to helping others focus on their health, and I'm so proud of her!"
--Lauren J.
"Kayla & her workouts are phenomenal. She cares about our progress and success in and out of the program. She checks in on our workouts, overall mental well being and progress throughout. The group is always positive and encouraging. I would encourage anyone to try her programs. The workouts are designed with working parents in mind. The program is well thought out and the workouts are direct and focus on getting the results you want. If you put in the time, the program will help you reach your desired goals. I will be doing more challenges in the future!"
--Rachel L.
"I was inspired to join Kayla's 6 Week Challenge by my friend Chelsea! I would see her "completed workouts" pop up on my watch and knew it was something I needed to do. The "New Year, New You" Challenge encompassed what I wanted for myself. As a working mom with a 2 year old and a very active 8 year old it was so easy to grab fast food and head to a game/practice, whatever we had that night, I would then sink into the couch on our downtime. I was on a downhill spiral inching closer and closer to my heighest weight. Kayla''s challenge was the swift kick I needed to get back on track! The 30-35 min workouts are easy to fit into a busy schedule and the accountability was just what I needed. Kayla was always checking in and answering any questions or offering helpful tips and providing encouragement! I am beyond thankful these challenges and Kayla for pushing me to take my life back!"
--Rebecca R.
"This was my first challenge with Kayla, but it won't be my last! I have never been one to work out because I've never known what to do. Kayla gives amazing videos of each movement. The follow along HIIT workouts are my fav! I need to make some modifications and she helped me with that every week! Her recipes are all amazing and she always reminds us to use progress over perfection! She is tough when she needs to be, but also very encouraging. I look forward to many more challenges!"
--Mandy P.
"Kayla is ALWAYS there! Day and Night! I never felt like I was bothering her either. She genuinely loved being there for me and my questions. She understands and supports my goals! Kayla. You. Rock!"
--Mandy H.
"Yours truly here. Set a goal and put yourself in drive. Take the pics...because even when you think you're not making any progress, I can assure you--you ARE! & always remember, Progress, not Perfection! Mind Over Matter!"
--Kayla Roberts.

App Features

Set workout reminders to stay on track!
Track your progress and share it to Instagram
Save your favorite workouts with one tap
Make sure you stay on track with your goals
Connect with supportive, real people
Learn exactly what to eat when, get grocery lists, and more
Set workout reminders to stay on track!

Frequently asked questions

I'm a beginner, is INSPIRED for me?
No matter where you are in your fitness journey, INSPIRED can help you succeed. Workouts and programs posted in the app are for any level of fitness. Plus, I demonstrate all exercises with easy-to-follow videos and simple written instructions. This means you’ll be able to do all the moves easily, accurately, and safely.
What makes it different? How do I know it will work for me?
If you haven’t had success with other workout apps in the past, you may be skeptical about this one too. But I'm here to tell you, I guarantee you’ll get the results you want with Playbook. Why? There are hundreds of experts who are ready to train you. We don’t give you one-off programs of PDF documents with no assistance. The creators add new programs (with interactive, explanatory videos) on a daily basis. Our content is new, fresh, and ever-changing to keep you motivated and ready to work! Plus, if you need help, creators are always here for you. You can message them directly if you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to share your success.
Do I need to purchase equipment?
It depends on the workout! INSPIRED has a lot of workouts that require no equipment. We also have workouts that require minimal equipment (like dumbbells or a yoga mat) and some that require weight-lifting machines. There’s something for everyone — regardless of equipment — to help you get in shape.

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