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Failure to Fit 1.0 - A Beginner's Guide to Heart-Healthy Exercise

  • At Home, Beginner Workouts
  • Demonstration Videos for Each Exercise
  • Bodyweight & Dumbbell Workouts
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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From Failure to Fit 1.0

Failure to Fit 1.0
Failure to Fit 1.0
  • Strength
  • 8 weeks, 5 days per week
  • Bodyweight, HIIT, Cardio
  • Beginner

Online personal trainer

In 2021 I nearly died from acute heart failure at 33 years old. I had no prior health conditions and had been a collegiate athlete. This happened very suddenly. I spent 20 days in the hospital, most of it in isolation. I nearly lost all of my strength and muscularity. After completing Cardiac Rehab I began doing bodyweight and dumbbell exercises on my own at my local gym. I felt like I was starting exercise at a negative point and had rebuild my strength from the ground up. A year later I decided to get my Certified Personal Trainer certificate so that I could help other people on their fitness journey who feel like they’re starting at ground zero too. I want everyone who has an able body to have the tools they need to live a heart-healthy life and I strongly believe that regular exercise is a crucial part of that.

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Set workout reminders to stay on track!

Frequently asked questions

I have a heart condition, can I do this workout program?
For any health or medical related questions please talk with your physician. This program was created to encourage everyone to begin exercising which helps strengthen your heart.
What equipment do I need?
I designed this exercise program specifically so that anyone could do this from home if they wanted to. All you need is your body, a pair of dumbbells and occasionally a chair or wall.
How long do the workouts take?
This program was designed with busy schedules in mind. All you need is 30 minutes each day to strengthen your body.

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