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/Strong Queen: Core

Build your own core day!

4.9|20 min|61 comments
Choose any 5 exercises from this list, perform for 30 seconds each and repeat the circuit 5 times


Liz 8d ago
Real life…planned to do arms. Had a little domestic issue. Did Abs instead because of time pressure. Feeling strong & happy & grateful for this amazing app, programme & G!
Kerry 10d ago
Did three rounds of this after an upper body workout 💪🏼💪🏼
Liz 13d ago
Just the right amount of sweat & breathlessness 💪💪💪 good to focus in on the core & give it some special attention 😃
Liz 2mo ago
Love adding this core focussed session in, especially on days where 45 mins is a bit of a stretch to fit in. So nice to mix it up each time too ✨
Liz 2mo ago
Feeling soooo good. Thank you G 😘