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Follow my workouts
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Nomadic Wellness Entrepreneur, Camilla Akerberg, is the definition of “global citizen,” traveling the world training fitness and teaching yoga. With certifications in strength & conditioning, personal training, performance nutrition and Vinyasa Yoga, Camilla transforms bodies and lives. From her high status private clients to high volume yoga retreats, Camilla stays in perpetual high demand. And now she’s in the palm of your hand. Join this fitness phenom, ranked top 5 in the world by World Fitness Federation (2015), on a journey of transformation, movement, balance and oneness with her unique combination of strength training, conditioning, and yoga. Through consistent, healthy, holistic eating and a more active, movement focused lifestyle, Camilla will take you from wherever you are to exactly where you want to be. Your exiting new future starts NOW, with Camilla Akerberg!


My Playbook will help you tone your body, loose fat and build lean muscle mass through workouts at home or in the gym. My training has an emphasis on core conditioning, as a strong core is vital for ones overall health. You will find workouts and classes suitable for both beginners and those more advanced. Aside from workouts, you will have yoga classes and my nutrition guide available to you.

Training Requirements

Both at-home and gym workouts are provided as well as yoga routines. For at-home workouts, you may need• A yoga mat • Short resistance band (booty band) • Long resistance band loop • Dumbbells (I recommend a lighter set and a heavier set: 3-4kg [or 5-10 lbs] and 6-8 kg [15-20 lbs] depending upon fitness level) • Skipping rope For gym workouts- follow along but feel free to use whatever equipment is in your gym of choice that offers similar flexion, range of motion & resistance.


CERTIFICATIONS FITNESS • Certificate lll & lV in Fitness- 2015 • Performance Fitness Coach l & ll - 2017 • Suspension Fitness Trainer - 2015 NUTRITION • Natural Nutrition & Remidies - 2014 • Performance Nutrition Coach l & ll - 2017 YOGA & WELLNESS • Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training, Bali

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